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Why BioTurminTM?
  • 100% natural
  • Assured quality
  • Limit on residual solvent as per international standards
  • Microbiology: Complies with US Pharmacopoeia
  • Heavy metal: Complies with US Pharmacopoeia
  • Pesticide: Well below the limit
  • Consistent supply ensured by contract cultivation
  • Support: Assured supply chain
  • Price: Very competitive
  • Curcuma longa extract 95% powder for supplement use
  • Curcuma longa extract 95% granules for direct compression
  • Curcuma longa extract water soluble grades
  • Curcuma longa extract 85% ethanol grade
  • Ingredient for nutritional supplements – Capsules and Tablets
  • Ingredient for Beverage purpose
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